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Jeevandayini Foundation believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. We encourage and invite volunteers to be an active part of our organization and share the same vision and purpose as us – to work for the welfare of children and their families. Volunteers are the backbone of every organization – they not only carry the organization’s ideas within them but also spread the message far and beyond, sensitizing the society towards the cause.

You can lend a helping hand to us in any of the ways mentioned below. No matter how big or small, your contribution to this noble cause will be highly appreciated.

  • Meet and Report Needy People

We are a small group but we want to reach each and every needy person, talk to them hear their stories,  gear them to stand again in the society. But logistically it is not possible as they are located in different geographical location. We want to help them shed these inhibitions. We need volunteers to come forward to meet these people who are in different part of the country. Please get in touch with us(Contact Us) and you can plan a meeting, take some of their pictures and update us with their current condition.

  • Help us Organize our Events

You can assist us during the event we organize for spreading awareness and raise funds. We cannot afford services of professional photographers and movie makers to cover our events hence we would welcome interested people who pursue hobbies in photography, movie making, acting and event management to volunteer for us and use their skill for a noble cause. We have several upcoming events lined up for which we & you can come forward and help. Do your bit for the cause and earn valuable experience with certificates Please get in touch with us for getting further details.

  • Share Your Voice

You feel you need to get up and help??  Feel free to express your thoughts and share your voice, opinion, and ideas with us.

Mail us your write-ups to / along with your details and we will publish them on our blog and spread your words. You can also visit our facebook page and leave your posts and comments.

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