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Institutional Alliances

Jeevandayini Foundation establishes partnerships and builds networks with national and international development institutions with the prime objective to connect to their domain expertise, resources, and strengths, with its own developmental initiatives undertaken at the grassroots level.

Along with the expansion and strengthening of existing programmes, Alliances at Jeevandayini focuses also on bringing innovations in its programmes through this association with the developmental actors of the world.

Many prominent development agencies, donor organizations, academic institutions, confederations and associations across the globe have joined hands with Jeevandayini to further its development initiatives.


Educational Alliances

Jeevandayini Foundation collaborates with educational and research institutions in order to bring innovations, promote cross-learning and improving the quality of programmes. Students are offered opportunities to apply their creativity and analytical skills in the areas of their interests. The foundation offers a platform for serious internships, volunteering, and research for students from various universities, B-Schools and Engineering Colleges.

In the past students from institutions like IIMT, IIFT, Delhi University, University of London etc have contributed in various departments of Jeevandayini Foundation.

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